We would love your feedback

At First Mortgage Services (FMS) we are continuing to invest in our customer experience program as a key strategic priority. To this end, we are keen to hear from you how we are doing.

We want to make it easy for you to provide your feedback - as a complaint, a compliment, a recommendation to improve, or anything you may have to say.

Our promise to you

If you are making a complaint or require action from FMS

  • We will allocate your complaint/request to an appropriate manager within FMS for action
  • He/she will make contact with you within two business days of you submitting your complaint/request
  • We will keep a record of your complaint/request and keep you informed of the progress of the resolution
  • Once resolved, we will ask you if the resolution met with your satisfaction and was fair and reasonable to ensure that we will continually improve this process.
  • We take your privacy seriously and will use your feedback only for the purposes in which it was intended - to improve the way we do business with you. Our privacy policy can be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page

To provide your feedback please click here

Alternatively if you wish to make a written complaint please mark it Private & Confidential and address it to:

The Quality & Reporting Team
First Mortgage Services
GPO Box 2699
Adelaide SA 5001

Or emailed directly to:
FMS Quality Team

If you have any questions please contact Laurie Victor, Program Director, Customer Experience at FMS on customersuccess@feedback.firstms.com